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  • Pilates Flow and Stretch combines Pilates exercises with deep stretching to aid mobility and flexibility. This class is suitable for those that have attended Pilates classes before or have good core awareness with a reasonable level of fitness. 

  • Dance Fitness is an energetic dance based aerobic class suitable for all ages and fitness abilities. The class consists of about 14 tracks and you'll soon get hold of the easy to follow routines. It's a really popular class. you'll leave with a huge (and sweaty) smile on your face!

  • Workout with Weights will sculpt your body. Focusing on upper body and abs this fun cardio strength dance based class uses dumbbells to slim and tone - as long as you're not fridge raiding of course!

  • Fitness Pilates is an all over body burner. This class is mat based and often requires the use of small equipment like balls and bands to achieve a challenging workout. It takes principles from Pilates, bringing them into the 21st century. This class is creative and fun. It is fantastic for core strength, better posture, preventing back pain and alleviating stress. 

  • Gentle Pilates is a slower paced class that includes Pilates exercises alongside stretching. We will focus on individual exercises which will prepare you for Fitness Pilates, if you wish. The main fundamentals of this class are correct alignment, body awareness, balance, core strength, glute strength and flexibility. 

  • Pilates Circuits is for those who want to up their Cardio for fitness and weight loss, also to increase core strength. This is also a great add-on class if you are already doing Pilates. The class will consist of a warm up and then followed by a circuit which will alternate between 3 x 20 seconds of HIIT  (High intensity interval training) or LIIT  (Low-intensity). You choose the intensity. Each set of Cardio intervals will be followed by 2 minutes of controlled Pilates exercises.  This class is suitable for Men and Women for all levels of fitness