How to access the online platform

The ‘Zoom Cloud Meetings’ App is easy to useand available for every device.




1. Buy your class/membership here and click 'Schedule'

2. Agree to Terms and Conditions regarding Health here

You won’t be allowed to participate if you haven’t signed, dated, and agreed to terms.


3. Download the free ‘Zoom Cloud Meetings’ app on the device you will use for the session ASAP. If you’re using a Laptop just follow the link in your email and it should guide you. Some TV’s will allow you to 'Screen share/mirror’ from your phone.  


4.  Use the link in your booking reminder to Join LIVE. If you prefer you can email me the following day for the recording. 

5. If you sign up for ‘MEMBERSHIP' you will be allocated log in details for the online platform where you can access all recorded workouts in your own time.


6. Depending on the device you use, the interfaces can be quite different so get to your first class early and have a play around on it. You will have a choice to have your video ‘ON/OFF’ and sound ‘MUTED/UNMUTED’ for the LIVE videos. If they’re ON, myself and others in the group will also see and hear you for the LIVE and RECORDED session,  just like a real class…well, as real as we’re currently going to get. We can chat and be social, so it is very much encouraged! 


7. When you join the class you must select ‘CALL USING INTERNET AUDIO’.


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